“Dilli,” also known as Delhi- the capital city of India, heart of the nation and our home. Delhi is famous for its enriched culture and heritage, being the capital of the Mughal empire.

Old Delhi is a mixture of road-side food stalls, ancient architecture and old winding lanes. This traditional side is juxtaposed with modern New Delhi, embellished with the glamour of 5 star hotels, shopping malls and restaurants serving food from across the world.

Indian Affair showcases North Indian cuisine cooked Dilli-style. It’s inspired by the city’s diverse flavours and home-style cooking. Whilst the dishes on our menu can be found across North India, the way of cooking is specifically from the Delhi region which makes it truly unique. The carefully curated menu aims to reflect the traditional and modern sides of Delhi and presents some of our most loved dishes.

For us Dilli is an emotion and is perfectly summed up by the famous saying “Dilli dil waalon ki,” Delhi belongs to the big-hearted!

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